• Double Door Five Layer Locker
  • Double Door Five Layer Locker
  • Double Door Five Layer Locker
  • Double Door Five Layer Locker

Double Door Five Layer Locker

Product Name: Double-door five-layer locker

Structure: Knock Down

Function: Storage cabinet, office filing cabinet , metal locker cabinet

MOQ: 100

ODM&OEM: accepted

Double-door five-layer lockers offer efficient storage and organization solutions for multiple users in diverse settings. They provide secure compartments for personal belongings, ensuring convenience, privacy, and peace of mind. The versatile nature of these lockers makes them suitable for a wide range of applications where individual storage needs to be accommodated within a limited space.

Double Door Five Layer Locker Parameter

Product Name Double-door five-layer locker
Material SPCC Cold-rolled steel
Product Size  H150cm;W70cm;D50cm
Thickness 0.7mm 
Color Options RAL or Pantone color; per customer's requirement
Surface Electrostatic Powder Coating Surface
Structure Knock Down
Use area Office, school, home, hotel, hospital, company, factory, and other commercial area
Function  Storage cabinet, office filing cabinet , metal locker cabinet
Relevant Certificate
MOQ  100
ODM&OEM accepted

Double Door Five Layer Locker Application

Schools and Educational Institutions: These lockers are commonly used in schools and educational institutions for students to store their personal belongings, such as books, backpacks, sports equipment, and personal items. Each student can be assigned a separate compartment for secure storage throughout the day.

Gyms and Fitness Centers: Double-door five-layer lockers are ideal for gym and fitness centers, providing users with storage space for their workout gear, towels, water bottles, and personal belongings. Users can store their items while they exercise, ensuring convenience and security.

Workplace and Office Settings: In office environments, these lockers can be used by employees to store their personal items, bags, documents, or valuables. They provide a secure storage solution, especially in situations where employees share workspace or need temporary storage.

Sports Facilities and Stadiums: For sports facilities and stadiums, double-door five-layer lockers are useful for athletes, team members, or staff to store their gear, uniforms, equipment, and personal belongings during practices, games, or events.

Recreational Centers and Swimming Pools: These lockers are commonly found in recreational centers and swimming pools, offering storage for visitors' belongings such as clothes, towels, bags, and personal items while they engage in activities or enjoy the facilities.

Personal Storage Spaces: Double-door five-layer lockers can also be used for personal storage in various settings, such as apartments, hostels, or co-living spaces. They provide individuals with their own designated compartments for storing personal items securely.

Entertainment Venues: Locker storage is often provided in entertainment venues like amusement parks, water parks, or concert venues, allowing visitors to store their belongings conveniently while enjoying the attractions or performances.

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