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  • Metal Bunk Bed
  • Metal Bunk Bed
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Metal Bunk Bed

Product Name: Metal Bunk Bed

Material: SPCC Cold Rolled Steel Plate

Product Size: L2000*W900*H1850mm

Color Options: RAL or Pantone color; per customer's requirement

MOQ: 50pcs

Metal Bunk Bed Parameter

Product Name 

Metal Bunk Bed


SPCC Cold Rolled Steel Plate

Product Size 






Color Options

RAL or Pantone color; per customer's requirement


Electrostatic Powder Coating Surface

Structure Knock Down
MOQ  50pcs

Metal Bunk Bed Features


Metal bunk beds are constructed with a sturdy metal frame, which provides strength and durability. The frame is designed to support the weight of multiple mattresses and sleepers. The metal used is typically steel or iron.

Bunk Configuration

The most common configuration is a twin-over-twin bunk bed, where two twin-sized beds are stacked on top of each other. However, there are also variations such as twin-over-full, full-over-full, or even triple bunk beds, which accommodate different mattress sizes.

Safety Rails

Metal bunk beds usually have safety rails on the top bunk to prevent accidental falls during sleep. These rails run along the sides of the bed, ensuring that the sleeper is secure and protected. Some models also have safety rails on the lower bunk for added safety.

Ladder or Staircase

To access the upper bunk, metal bunk beds typically feature a ladder or staircase. The ladder is usually attached to the side of the bed, allowing users to climb up and down. Some bunk beds have built-in staircases, which are considered safer and more convenient, especially for younger children or individuals with mobility issues.

Slats or Wire Mesh

The beds in a metal bunk bed frame may have slats or wire mesh as a foundation to support the mattress. Slats are wooden or metal planks that provide a solid surface, while wire mesh is a grid-like pattern made of metal wires. Both options offer mattress support and ventilation.


Some metal bunk beds are designed to be detachable, meaning you can separate them into two individual beds if needed. This provides flexibility in case you want to use the beds independently or rearrange the sleeping arrangements.

Weight Capacity

Each bunk in a metal bunk bed has a specified weight capacity, which indicates the maximum weight it can safely support. It's important to consider the weight capacity to ensure that the bed is suitable for the intended users.

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